Featured Products

Standard Motorcycle is proud to offer an array of high-quality replacement parts for motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson, Victory, and Indian. Here are a few of our featured products.

Cam Position Sensor Plate Assemblies

  • Our “OE” style Cam Position Sensors

  • Highly sensitive hall-effect sensor

  • Ensures accurate timing position, built-in voltage regulation, reverse battery protection, and superior temperature stability

Electronic Fuel Injection

Standard Motor Products, the leader in aftermarket parts, now offers EFI parts for your fuel-injected Harleys. 

Ignition Coils and Starter Relays

Blue Streak’s Ignition Products, long considered “The Standard” for ignition products, has designed a “Super Fast” Ignition Coil that features a quick rise time for easier starts. This coil is a standalone product that will enhance the performance of the motorcycle’s ignition system. The coil also has the following benefits:

• High RPM range for use with street and race applications
• More spark energy than the OEM coil under full load
• 45,000+ volts for maximum performance
• Higher voltage eliminates spark deterioration even at high RPM
• Fully encapsulated for long life, will withstand extreme conditions
• Vibration resistant to withstand the punishing environment of the race track
• Rapid heat dissipation for long life under severe conditions
• Smaller and lighter than stock but fits into stock mounting bracket
• Compatible with stock and aftermarket ignitions

The Standard direct OE style replacement Starter Relay is designed for consistent and reliable starting performance and long-life. Its design includes a heavy-duty brightly finished case and many of the other features of the high performance model.

Ignition Switches

Standard Motor Products Ignition Switches are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM Standards.

Neutral Safety Switches

  • Made in USA

  • Manufactured to very stringent specifications to ensure proper function and long life in the toughest conditions

  • High carbon steel stems hardened to 48 Rockwell C for maximum wear resistance and durability

Oil Pressure Switches

  • Made in USA

  • Designed to tight QC standards to ensure maximum protection of your Harley’s engine

  • Precision-calibrated, bright-finished parts feature heavy-duty contacts and mica-filled thermoplastic insulators to withstand extreme temperatures

  • Diaphragms are designed to provide extra assurance against leaks and bursting

Stoplight Brake Light Switches

  • Top-quality hydraulic rear stoplight switches

  • Heavy-duty contacts

  • Top-quality brass terminals

  • Ensure reliable performance in the most severe environments

Point Sets and Condensers

Blue Streak Ignition Performance Points are built from only the highest quality materials. Each point set features an extra heavy duty construction that includes the exclusive LubriWick® for continuous lubricant application, which virtually eliminates wear on the rubbing block. These parts also feature ventilated contacts, copper shunts for point bounce elimination and a positive screw type terminal. Our one piece nylon breaker arm body provides longer tune-up life. These features ensure that Blue Streak points provide the longest life of any contact set on the market today. 

Our Blue Streak Condensers feature a high capacitance mylar/foil construction that helps eliminate internal shorting and each condenser is sealed to prevent breakdown due to condensation or moisture. Our lead wires are spot welded to an internal tab to prevent connections from coming loose or pulling out. Again, assuring only the best in the market today!

Points and Condensers

  • Made in the USA from only the finest of materials

  • Designed for high quality and reliability

  • All are sold individually or in tune-up kits


  • Direct OE-style replacement relays are available for Harley Davidson

  • “Plug style” starter relays designed to handle high current draw and feature a weather proof skirt to protect the connector block

  • Headlight light relays allow control of hi-low beam function from one wire using a button type switch

  • Flasher relays and other replacement relays for late model Harleys

Spark Plug Wires Sets

Blue Streak Ignition Wire Sets Triple Silicone XXX
Blue Streak’s ready to install custom fit 8mm Triple Silicone wire sets can be used with stock coils or when upgrading to a performance coil. These spark plug wire sets meet or exceed all factory requirements. Our special ‘XXX’ triple silicone wire features a quality construction of silicone throughout the jacket, insulation and core. This assures high temperature resistance and high durability. Our wire sets also offer maximum RFI suppression, high dielectric strength silicone boots, OEM style terminals that lock onto the spark plug and much more.

Coverage available through current models to Dyna®, Softail®, and Touring® models. Ask for them by name!

Universal Fit Plug Wire Sets
Blue Streak’s universal kits come complete with easy to install brass locking terminals and easy to follow instructions.

‘Copper Core’
For older points style applications we offer a ‘Copper Core’ wire for special improved electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. These ‘Copper Core’, non-resistive sets should be used with only point-style ignitions. All of our ready to install top of the line wire sets are made in the USA.

Starter Solenoids Starter Drives

Our Starter Solenoids are heavy-duty replacements that are guaranteed to provide positive starter engagement under the most severe conditions.

  • Feature hardened steel plungers
  • Designed with thermoplastic covers for arc prevention
  • Cadmium plated high temp contact disc for increased durability
  • High temperature coil winding rated at 140oC
  • Weatherproof silicone seal between cap and coil
  • High temperature Bakelite caps

Vacuum Operated Electrical Switches

  • Produced from high-tech engineered thermoplastics

  • 100% calibrated and vacuum-tested to ensure the accuracy and reliability of each part

  • Self-assembly kits allow the user to select a part from various pre-set levels of calibration for their specific tuning needs

  • Kits come complete with bracket, crimp terminals and instructions for easy installation

  • Made in the USA

Voltage Regulators & Brush Sets

  • OEM-equivalent electro-mechanical voltage regulator - black enamel

  • Heavy-duty, shock-mounted steel base

  • Vibration-resistant internal wire connections

  • Large diameter contact surfaces

  • Generator Brushes made from carbongraphite material which is designed to meet or exceed all of the OEM’s specifications